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Suggested Practices #7

Cécile Raynor February 7, 2023

How to apply what you have learned in your daily activities

  1. Observe how many activities you do that can be not only affected but improved by what you have learned in the course. Keep track of these possibilities of improvement in a bullet point format and look at it every morning, especially those related to the movements you are likely to get involved with today. It reminds both your conscious mind and your unconscious mind of your commitment to integrate these changes.
  2. Recommit yourself daily to activate your body intelligence as often as possible in as many activities as possible. It all start with an intention and gets integrated through repetition.
  3. Make a point to share with yourself and others what changes you are noticing and how grateful you are for them. Gratefulness and joy are connected. Experience one and the other comes along naturally!:)

Going through the course more than once is a very beneficial practice. You will learn/unlearn things that you did not pick up the first time around. Sometimes you need to integrate the work on one level before you can even notice a deeper level. That’s what happens when you go through the course more than once.

If you are left with questions, remember to ask them in the Discussion Group or to book a private session with me so I can give you personal feedback!

May you keep blossoming into optimal wellbeing!:)