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Suggested Practices #6

Cécile Raynor February 7, 2023
  1. Observe how your intention to release excess tension manifests in your body as often as you can. Not necessary to wait for you to feel tense to do it and benefit. There are always layers of tension underneath the surface. The more you address this type of underlying tension, the less you ll experience tension making it to the surface. This is one way to be pro-active about reducing, eliminating, or preventing chronic tension or pain buildup. 
  2. Commit yourself to activating your body intelligence through the power of intention during specific movements or activities that usually create excess tension or trigger pain. It could be while working with your computer, playing an instrument, or gardening. Or it could be every time you lean forward no matter what activity you are in. The important part is to choose something that feels doable and be consistent with it. Using a timer at regular time is another option that may work for you. 
  3. Make a point every evening to pat your back for all the opportunities you embraced activating your body intelligence and for how good your body feels when you did it. Be grateful for how receptive and committed you have been despite moments of forgetfulness. Picture and experience yourself feeling better and better in your body. Picture and experience yourself feeling lighter, calmer and more joyful as a result. 

Your power of intention in the first step uses the neurons to get things done in cooperation with your body intelligence.