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Suggested Practices #5

Cécile Raynor February 7, 2023

Reclaim Hydrated Joints & Lighter Legs

  1. Observe how your hip joints, knees, and ankles relate when you walk, when you sit down and stand up, or when you kneel down or squat. Are they working one at a time or all together? Can they work together regardless of the one you think about first? Do your muscles work less when you remember to soften your joints?
  2. Commit yourself to soften/release your hip joints, knees and ankles every time you use your legs to move in space, whether you walk or run, or whether you go down in space to kneel, squat, or move while on all 4s. 
  3. Make a point every evening to keep acknowledging what you noticed during the day, whether it was that you caught yourself not paying attention (which is an unavoidable first step towards change), whether you did your movement again in a more integrated way after noticing you had not, or whether you actually noticed integrated changes in the quality of your movements.