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Suggested Practices #3

Cécile Raynor February 7, 2023

Reclaim Freedom from Shoulder and Upper Back Chronic Tension

  1. Observe the daily habits requiring you to extend your arms in any direction, whether fully extended or bent at the elbow (to type on your computer  keyboard, to cook or eat, to grab objects near and far, to brush your teeth or comb your hair, etc). Add to the list. 
  2. Commit to yourself every morning that you will be mindful to use your real joint (armpit), not your fake joint (shoulder and shoulder blade muscles)
  3. Make a point every evening to be grateful for each time you become aware you used your fake joint, and for every time you remembered to use your natural joint. Doing the movement with your natural joint after noticing you had not does count just as much. It also helps strengthening the new neuron-pathways you are working on with this work.