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How to Mindfully Approach the Course

Cécile Raynor February 7, 2023

This course is about exploration, discovery, and sometimes surrender. Other times it is about being unexpectedly surprised by how light and connected you can feel in a movement that is normally strenuous or heavy.

It is about celebrating yourself as you are. It is about staying aware that we all have different body types, different personality needs, different fitness levels, and different levels of body awareness. These attributes all affect how you move and behave when you exercise. They also contribute to the movement habits you have developed over time in daily life.

This being said, you all have a body with the same organs, muscles, joints, and bones that are orchestrated by your body intelligence. And it knows best how your body is designed to work harmoniously.

That is why your most efficient movement and best posture are innately available to you now. That ability has always been there. It has been covered up by habits that need to be discovered and unlearned.

In your journey, you will discover that sometimes, what feels odd to your body habit, feels very right to your body’s intelligence and you can progressively tell the difference.

Over time, you create space to change the habits that do not serve you. You learn to listen to the guidance of your body intelligence rather than listening to your body sensations alone.

Increasingly, you become familiar with what it feels like to function as an integrated whole so you can move and live your life with more lightness, ease, expansion, flow, and trust even as you challenge yourself.

This course is also about feeling grateful even when you discover that you have old habits that are no longer serving you. Given that you cannot change what you are not aware of, becoming aware of unconscious habits is a necessary step on your way to greater wellbeing. And it is to be celebrated!

Above all, this course is not about perfection but the right intention in action
towards mind and body expansion!