Reclaim Good Posture and Ease of Movement for a Pain-Free Body

Discover the 5 Key Relationships to Activate your Body Intelligence
for flexible strength, greater wellbeing, and peace of mind.

A 7-week LIVE Online Course

With Cécile Raynor

Founder of the Body Intelligence Activation Process™
Author of The Wise Way to Yoga
Alexander Technique Teacher

As a musician committed to your wellbeing, you aspire to live a pain-free life. 

Imagine waking up every day feeling fit and ready to perform! You are so ready to do all the things you enjoy or need to do without physical pain or the stress this limitation is causing you while performing or in daily life.

The thing is you may still experience chronic headaches or chronic pain in your neck, shoulders, back or joints even though you explored many common modalities to get relief. 

Due to imbalances brought about by the repetitive motions necessary to diligently study or perform music, you may be discouraged and frustrated by not getting sustainable results. 

Like many musicians with chronic pain, you may feel limited as you’re not reaching your highest level of performance, or you’re paying a price for it not living your life fully.

The truth is, you have learned to handle your body as if it were a machine made of isolated parts. You were taught to use your mind to control your body as if it knew better than your whole-body intelligence. 

As a result, you are most likely mis-using and over-using your body in ways you are not even aware of because you have developed unconscious habits fueling your chronic pain.

Given that you cannot change something you are not aware of, to overcome this common challenge, it is essential to expand your level of body awareness to get to the true root cause. 

By discovering and unlearning your unconscious habits, they will stop fueling your pain.

These habits are interfering with the best functioning of your body’s 5 Key Relationships. They are connected to how well your joints operate as an interconnected system throughout your body. 

So, together, let’s access your best coordination, balance, and posture so you can enjoy playing music with no side effects and increased wellbeing.

In this transformational 7-week course, I will personally guide you to discover and unlearn these underlying habits. I will guide you to move in an integrated way so that you can instantly experience what ease of movement feels like. Over time,  your body will no longer have any reason to call for your attention with chronic tension or pain whatever the activity you engage in.
By the end of this course, you’ll know what it feels like to:
  • Move your body in an integrated way as you play your instrument and in daily life. You’ll feel comfortable, more flexible and resilient as you cooperate with your whole-body intelligence. 
  • Trust your body  when it is doing what it is designed to do and it is  supporting your best performance. 
  • Feel more at peace which will reflect in your relationship with yourself, your instrument, and others. You’ll sleep better & live life with increased joy and ease. 
  • Be more gracefully productive on and off the stage. 
  • Be more in the present moment whether by yourself or with family, friends, and colleagues. The world will seem a friendlier environment to live in.

My Personal Story & An Invitation...

I know the huge price I paid for many years when I was disconnected from the wise way to be in my body — even though I did not make the connection at the time. It is common for people to check out of full embodiment to cope with various body-related challenges or trauma – or simply out of habit.

As an artist and a writer, I realized how easy it was to get lost in my writing or artwork. My body awareness was limited to when I was tiring out or I felt my neck tension sometimes triggering a headache.

On the other end, while studying for a PhD in French Literature, I was exercising 3 hours a day, assuming I was perfectly connected to both my mind and my body. As I will share in a moment, a couple incidents showed me it was not necessarily the whole truth.

During my first gentle yoga class, I noticed how bored I was when asked to feel my body in a way that seemed rather too subtle to me.  At that time,  I only knew how to relate to engaging or stretching my muscles.  

Later on, I caught myself at the library with my very pregnant belly squished against the table edge. Had I not been expecting, I may not have noticed. Instead, I had a life changing insight as I asked myself: “What was I doing to my baby and body? Could the way I was using my body be connected to my tension headaches?


That is when I realized there was way more to being fit and connected to my body than experiencing my muscles being stretched or engaged. It led me to switch from a promising career in academia to train as an Alexander Technique teacher. The more I reclaimed the wise way to be in my body and practiced meditation, the more my chronic  headaches cleared and I developed a positive relationship with my body. In fact, I have been able to stay free from chronic tension and pain for the past three decades. 

As a result, my artwork evolved organically from a very controlled and over-detailed style to a free flowing style. Progressively, I was able to capture movements of musicians and dancers without even looking at my paper. I could express deep emotions between two dancers or mother and child. Functioning as an integrated whole opened amazing doors to my creativity.

That is why I am more passionate than ever about sharing my skills, knowledge, and experiences with other people so they can also become pain-free by becoming not only more embodied but embodied in an integrated way. By now, I had the privilege and joy to help countless students regain wellbeing, especially musicians.

So, I invite you to join me and like-minded musicians from around the world in this 7-week live online course to discover how to tap into your Whole-Body Intelligence to live fully! 

What People are Saying about Cécile….

“Cécile opened many new doors for me thanks to her profoundly integrated and intuitive way of teaching movement using the Alexander Technique, and a deeply meaningful, practical and non-flakey spiritual outlook. You know you can trust her because of her utter sincerity at all times.  Cécile has really changed my life and I’m very grateful to her!” 

John Funkhouser,
Berkley Music Professor, Performer

“Cécile helped me correct deep-seated postural issues and also increased my body awareness and mindfulness ability. I’ve rediscovered how fun it is to move whether in my daily life or while practicing yoga or any fitness-related activities. By applying her teachings, I’ve also been able to relieve some long-time chronic pain”.

Mona Kelly,
Yoga Teacher, Pilates Instructor, Vedic Astrologer

“I was in misery from back and shoulder pain after years of working as an artist/craftsman. I couldn’t work for more than a few hours a day and couldn’t sleep at night from the pain. I was a skeptic, but  I was desperate. Cécile helped me through that crisis and opened me up to much more. I now have more flexibility, better balance and more energy than I’ve ever had. I’ve even gotten  taller!”

Marc Levine, Artist/Craftsman/Guitarist

What You'll Learn
in the Foundational Online Self-Paced Course...

Module 1

Your Integrated Body:
The 5 Key Relationships for its Efficient Functioning

In the first module, you learn how historical and cultural facts led us to think of the body as the sum of its parts when the efficient functioning of your body stems from the interconnected web of its five key relationships. In this first module, you’ll discover:

  • How unconscious habits got embedded into your daily life
  • The 5 Key Relationships allowing your body’s best functioning
  • A restorative practice that promotes your best posture organically while practiced and more so, over time, when practiced daily

Module 2

Head, Neck and Torso Relationship:
Solving Chronic Neck Pain

In module 2, you reconnect with your most efficient head-neck-torso relationship as you uncover and unlearn the habits that often lead to unnecessary neck tension. It will support you in solving and also preventing this challenge. In this module, you’ll discover:

  • How to practice “alert vision” to save your neck
  • How to move your head to not fuel your neck tension
  • How what you do with your feet or knees can prevent or enhance your neck tension

Module 3

Arm and Torso Relationship:
Solving Chronic Shoulder and Upper Back Pain

In module 3, you experience a new arm-torso relationship as you uncover and unlearn ways to move your arms that usually lead to excess shoulder and upper back pain. It will support you in solving and preventing such challenges. In this module, you’ll discover:

  • More efficient arm movement to prevent strain and increase motion in all your activities
  • A simple shoulder tip to free some of the excess tension in your neck and shoulder blades
  • How to broaden your shoulders without pulling your shoulders back and without holding them in place

Module 4

Leg and Torso Relationship:
Solving Chronic Lower Back Tension and Hip Stiffness

In Module 4, you learn to shift the movement habits leading to lower back and hip pain as you unravel the 3 dimensions of an inefficient leg-torso relationship. In this module, you’ll discover:

  • The way to sit upright without effort or strain
  • The secret to prevent slouching in any situation
  • How to handle your hip joints to release lower back tension

Module 5

Integrated Movement:
Feet and Whole-Body Relationship

In module 5, you learn how the integrated functioning of your feet with your whole-body improves the quality and ease of your movements. In this module, you’ll discover:

  • The best way to stand upright without causing excess tension or compression in your body
  • A way to sit down and stand up that can improve the quality of ALL your other movements
  • How to experience “Full Grounding” and its many benefits

Module 6

Your Postural Mechanism:
Activating your Body Intelligence for Natural Good Posture

In module 6, you learn how your new awareness has been helping you activate your whole-body intelligence through your postural mechanism, designed to support you with utmost efficiency. In this module, you’ll discover why and how:

  • Your postural mechanism triggers natural good posture on demand like it did when you were children
  • Integrated movements promote best performance in your daily life and all other specific activities
  • Integrated functioning leads to integrated living & wellbeing

Module 7

Living Body wisdom:
Bringing it All Together into Your Daily Activities

Integrate it all in your daily life through specific tips for daily living. In module 7, you’ll apply the Body Intelligence integrated way to…

  • Walk in every day life or walk as an exercise
  • Drive your car even long distance without tiring
  • Exercise, workout at the gym, or practice Yoga
  • Sit when using your computer or when eating

It's More than an Online Course, it's a Community....

You will be part of an intimate, like-minded group of participants throughout this 7-week course. It will be your “Activate Your Body Intelligence” Learning and Support Community. It is designed to promote a community-driven course. You’ll be learning from each other’s experiences and how what you’ve learned plays out for you in daily life. 

As you participate in whatever way feels comfortable to you, you create and enjoy a special bond with your course-mates during this time together as you support each other, sharing your questions and success stories, finding chronic tension melt away as you learn and enjoy the wise way to be in your body.

What You'll Receive in the Full
Alexander Technique for Musicians Course...

Cécile Tutorial Pix

7 Weekly Modules
"Self-Paced Course
with LIVE Community"

Experience a rare opportunity to be mentored by me from the comfort of your own home. Among other things, each module includes a streamed video and movement audio in which I guide you to discover specific skills and abilities to activate your Body Intelligence for increased wellbeing.

Screen Shot 2022-03-01 at 8.54.58 PM

7 Weekly LIVE Sessions
"Group Coaching
for Musicians"

How to best integrate the Alexander Technique and the teachings from the Self-Paced Course Modules to playing your music instrument. It is  time for Q & A and for reinforcement of the teachings through the practice of Mindful Movements to nurture Integrated Functioning.

Personal Integration Process
with "Module Worksheets"

To support you in your learning, access class highlights PDF documents and worksheets. Enjoy filling out questions designed to help you review and personally integrate the material covered in the classes.

Individualized Assessment
with "Self-Evaluation Form"

To help you self-assess how much you have learned in the course, fill out the Form to evaluate your level of “Integrated Functioning” at the beginning of the course and at the end to measure your progress.

Deepening Practice with "Movement Exploration"

Between class sessions, you’ll have the option to review the guided movements outside class time with audio recordings. As you practice the wise way to move as discovered in the class, you will accelerate your learning and integrate each session more thoroughly

Private Online Forum for Course Participants Only!

Be part of a supportive community on the leading edge of a global movement with people ready to shed misconceptions of movements and embrace a new health and fitness mindset to enjoy wellbeing.

+ PLUS...

  • Downloadable PDF to facilitate your learning from anywhere
  • Audio and Video recordings of all sessions for easy repeated access
  • All sessions and materials will be available forever for you to re-experience the teachings over and over
  • Special Bonuses to enhance your Course experience
  • And more…


Instant Registration Bonus:
FROM PAIN TO EASE For You Personally!
Free Private Phone Consult with Cécile

This consultation, by invitation only, helps you understand the underlying sources of your personal discomfort or pain and clarifies how to best resolve the issue(s) at hand using the course content. 

Seated figures sketch

5 Top Myths about
Good Posture

This E-Book is an eye opener as it reveals lots of misconceptions about “good posture” which actually prevent you from enjoying natural good posture. This illustrated reading is easy to read and  includes tips for effortless good posture that can help you reclaim your best posture yet!

Drawing of Supine figure in Constructive Rest Pose

Constructive Rest

This is a 20-minute audio practice for posture improvement. During each practice and more so over time, your whole-body intelligence works with your postural mechanism, gravity and the floor support to reorganize your skeletal structure into your best posture bringing with it lots of other great benefits which leaves you feeling taller and more expanded without having to work at it.

Meditating Girl figure sketch

Guided Sitting

This audio recording was designed to assist you when you need a short energy reboot while working at the computer or if you are interested in starting an embodied sitting meditation practice or improving the one you already have with tips keeping you poised and more connected to your body as a whole. 

Our Guarantees


We want our students to be happy and enjoy the course material and format. If you attend and fully participate in the course but you are not satisfied with what you are learning, we will gladly refund you the amount you invested in the course.


We want you to feel safe that we handle your contact information with the respect it is due and would never share with a third party.


For any course-related questions, please feel free to email and you will receive a prompt response.


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 7-Week Online Self-Paced Course Time and Dates: 
Starts Monday April 18, 2022
You will not be on your own during the self-paced course, you will have a LIVE online community including access to Cécile for questions!

7-Week LIVE Zoom Group Coaching for Musicians
Starts Thursday May 5, 2022 @ 7pm
Do not worry if you miss any of the classes as they are all recorded and promptly made available to you! 

AT for Musicians is a Packaged Course that includes both the Foundational Self-Paced Course “Activate your Body Intelligence” and the Zoom Group Coaching 

Private Session Package to be scheduled individually
Private session packages are available at a discounted fee when signing up to the course. Ask Cécile about it if interested!

7-Week Online
Self-Paced Course

Course Value is $497 
Early Registration Fee is $297 when you sign up within 24 hours of this Event
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What People are Saying about Cécile….

“Cécile is very skilled at what she does & an amazing teacher. I have had so many insights due to her three-month online program. Great for yogis, dancers and anyone who wants to feel better in their skin. This is so needed in the yoga world! Thanks, Cécile for your beautiful work!”

Relinde Moors,
Yoga Instructor,
Dancer & Choreographer

“My chronic muscle stiffness and joint pain improved drastically after taking an online course with Cécile. I learned how to heal and prevent these conditions as I discovered a more integrated way of moving which gets to the root of what was causing my discomfort . Cécile is an exceptional teacher and a joy to learn from”.

Lance Platt, Nurse

“Cécile’s work triggered a profound shift in my body awareness. It completely changed how I experience movement in daily life and it opened up the door to deep healing. I highly recommend her work to anyone in need for a restorative healing practice”.

Lauren Almquist,
Landscape Designer,
and Herbalist

Your Guide and Facilitator...

Cécile Raynor has been teaching for 30 years, published the Wise Way to Yoga as well as numerous articles on integrated functioning and mindfulness She was featured several times both on TV and on an “Expanded Awareness” radio show. And her blog has been read by thousands of people in over 100 different countries.

Her work is based on the Alexander Technique, the best-kept secret of Olympic athletes and famous performers. They swear by it because it allows them to perform at their best with optimal safety. Although it is now commonly used by everyone.

She also created the Body Intelligence Activation Process™, a mind, body, heart and spirit work affecting her students in all aspects of their life as they experience increased wellbeing.

Cécile has been helping people with poor posture, chronic muscular tension and pain, joints issues and headaches reclaim their ease of movement, their natural good posture, and the joy and peace of mind brought by well-being.

She is also a mentor for students interested in embodied and integrated personal growth.

In a nutshell, she teaches people how to activate their body intelligence to function as the integrated being we are all designed to be. This means that all body parts work together harmoniously, as well as mind, body and spirit.

Her mission is to empower you with unique skills, knowledge and experiences. As a result, you learn to respond to life rather than react. And as you become more deeply embodied, you are able to prevent, reduce, or completely eliminate chronic tension or pain as well as avoid injuries.

All Cécile loves to do, from being in nature, meditating, dancing, drawing, painting, listening to music, playing the piano, gardening, hiking, kayaking, traveling, and more, informs her way of being and working, which is why she loves her work and loves the people she works with.


An online course delivers curriculum to you on a weekly basis which gives you the control to determine your best time to do the work. You’ll be able to participate live with Cecile during each week and/or listen to the recordings of the sessions at your convenience. Each session is followed by a Q&A session.

Here is what you’ll need. A quiet space, a carpeted area or wood floor with a yoga mat, a headrest such as a paperback book, a full length mirror, a plain flat stool or chair, and your beginner’s mind!

Don’t worry, there will be video and audio recordings available. In fact, many people who take an online course are unable to attend all the sessions live, and my own students reported that their experience was just as powerful and they appreciated watching the recordings at their own pace when they could ot make it to class or for deeper integration. Besides, you can also post your questions in advance for Cecile to answer on the live Q&A section at the end of each class. So, you can still be very much part of the community and enjoy the camaraderie of sharing the journey with other participants if you choose to do so.

Yes, you can upgrade to a package created only for course participants and including private sessions with Cecile as a special offer.

Only if you want and can attend the live classes and calls. Otherwise, you can go at your own pace.

Totally guaranteed. (Video recording could be used only for the benefit of other students taking the same course)

It is best to optimize reception on any zoom call. Have as few tabs and applications open as possible. If a disconnect in the internet connection happens, don’t worry, just join us again – we’ll be there!

Not really. It is designed to develop expanded awareness of your body functioning so you can function as the integrated whole that you are. As you go through the course, all body parts start working together better. Mind, body, heart and spirit start working with greater harmony as well.

Alexander Technique For Musicians

Discover the 5 Key-Relationships that
Unlock Access to Natural Good Posture, Ease of Movement, & Wellbeing
For Optimal Practice and Performance